Hai Duong Fish Farm

For selling of young fish ponds and breeding parent fishes: The amount of both chubs and carps are approximatively 400. In the process of forcing female fish to give birth naturally, she conducted as follows: For every 10 days, pull fish up to select qualified fishes, each at least 160 varieties of selected parents, then put into about 12-20 lakes (depending on the fish amount). Every lake has length of 6 m2, width of 4 m2, usually arranges 14 fishes (8 male fishes and 6 female fishes). Water must be pure and filtered carefully and ensured approximately 7 inches. Normally, fish are pulled up and released into lake in the morning, and in the afternoon we put discolored blinds in the pond where the fish lay. The next day, give the parents back pond. Particularly fries "latent" in the lake is four days, through the fifth day leave out blinds, on the 6th select fries to sell. Depending on the orders of the fish business, selling an average 30-40 per round li (li rubber pesticides used to play). On average, every month of 3 times sells about 90-120 li, for 50,000 dong per li. One year she earns at least 60 million VND.