Business – Entrepreneur Culture

In the course of construction and development, Minh Tam Group Joint Stock Company has created a separate business- character or in other words that’s Specific characteristics of Business Culture, there’s combination between traditional humanistic style and modern industrial style. MINH TAM Culture reflected in all policies and specific measures of production and business plans of enterprises. Business culture is reflected in the working style, communication behavior of officials and workers within the enterprise and with external partners; in goods, services of MINHTAM, from new designed sample to quality content. MINHTAM business culture that is a system of values, beliefs, habit are shared within the enterprises and continuously improved through the administrator of the mirror: it is wisdom, bravery, consistent, innovative thinking, creative and dynamic vision to build businesses, combined with economic growth, human respect and environment protection. MINHTAM characteristic is being improved on a sound basic: Unity - Cooperation - Dynamic - Creativity - Quality - Efficiency. MINHTAM brand has existed for 5 years, that’s a traditional cultural beauty, a priceless spiritual asset of the company, that’s resources for enterprise business to complete business purposes, with the benefit of nation, and personal and family interests.